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    Everything starts with a bagel!

    Variety of fresh breads*, Thessaloniki’s traditional bagel filled with turkey/ edam/ cream cheese and guacamole on the side, homemade cake of the day, Bougatsa of Thessaloniki, mom's homemade jam, Greek Producers Honey, traditional grandmother's dessert, praline, aromatic butter

    First coffee of the day (espresso, cappuccino, Greek coffee) is included in your breakfast!
    * Every extra coffee has a charge of €2.00 during breakfast hours.
    * For gluten free bread and Almond milk (let us know 1 day in advance)
    * For any allergies, please inform us the soonest possible

    Choose from the following:

    Greek taste

    Greek taste option no1
    Tomatoes from Imathia, Cucumbers from Messinia, Olives "Kalamon", Green olives from Halkidiki, Greek
    feta cheese, basil infused olive oil
    Greek taste option no2
    Dakos salad with barley flavored bread, grated tomato, Greek feta cheese, olives from Halkidiki,
    herbal infused olive oil and fresh oregano

    Savory platter

    Savory platter
    Semi-hard traditional cheese from local producers, Smoked cheese from Metsovo, Smoked steak from Crete,
    Smoked turkey (gluten free), Air salami, Greek Feta
    Tip: Local cheeses and Greek flavors combined with homemade jam is a unique combination

    Organic eggs straight from the barn

    Omelet filled with ham/cheese, green salad on the side
    Scrambled eggs on toast with garlic flavored oil and chives
    Sunny up eggs on toast with garlic flavored olive and cheese/ham or turkey


    Traditional Breadsticks, Butter Croissants, Homemade Cake, Tsoureki (sweetbread), Bougatsa of Thessaloniki
    Tip: Tsoureki with feta and honey. Mix sweet with savory in a delicious conflict of memories
    The Caravan B&B takes care and avoids pointless & reckless food rejection! If you do not want any of the above, please let us know so we can remove it from your plate!

    Make your own yogurt / cereal bowl

    Greek YogurtFull fat milkLight Milk
    Canned peachesCorn flakesOat flakesChocolate rice flakesChocolate flakesMix of raw nuts and dried fruitsWalnutsPlumsApricotsFigsPoppy seedFlaxseed threshedBuckwheat

    Sweet tooth cravings/ Desserts

    Tsoureki (sweetbread) filled with homemade hazelnut praline/ tahini cream/ milk chocolate, powder sugar and mix of dried fruits & nuts
    Pancakes with patisserie cream and forest fruits
    Traditional halvah with cinnamon and homemade lemon marmalade
    Seasonal fresh fruits

    Organic Greek Yogurt

    Individual cheesecake yogurt made with sour cherry spoon dessert
    Individual yogurt with fruit compote
    Plain organic Greek yogurt

    *Additional coffee options (espresso, cappuccino, Greek coffee) are charged € 2.00 during breakfast hours

    The above options are per person.
    In case breakfast is not included at your room & you wish to taste our traditional Greek breakfast, the cost is 7,00€ per person and 5,00€ for children up to 12 years old.
    Please let us know the time of breakfast and your preferences until 20:00 the previous day.

    Breakfast time:

    Room Number

    Have the most beautiful, colorful and full of energy breakfast!