Built in 306 A.D. by the romans, Rotunda is one of the oldest religious sites of the city. Galerius Arch (kamara) and Rotunda were basic elements of the palatial complex. Original [...]

Monuments of Unesco

Thessaloniki, the 2nd largest city of Greece, was founded in 315 BC and constituted one of the first centres of Christianity. Many early Christian temples and basilica churches can [...]

Bit Bazaar

In 1928 refugees from Asia Minor bought the land at the intersection of Tositsa, Garmpola and Filippou streets and opened shops selling their merchandise through a consortium: ''the market [...]


The Bedesten of Thessaloniki is an Ottoman monument that was built during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II (1455-1495). It is located in Thessaloniki at the junction of Venizelou [...]

Caravan Serai

Next to the guest house is the historic building of the Caravan Serai, which the area is named after. The word 'serai' derives from the Turkish word 'saray', which [...]