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Ecofriendly Guidelines

Save the earth. It’s the only planet with The Caravan Bed and Breakfast … .So Save us !!!! As part of its ecological consciousness and collective responsibility and contribution to the environment The caravan Bed and Breakfast is trying to put into practice all the necessary actions for the creation of a modern eco friendly accommodation. Our motto “Hosting is the man” mutates and goes along with a known saying: “What is good for the environment is good for the people!”. Below we are giving few of the actions that we apply at The Caravan:

  • We are applying external insulation systems that contribute to energy saving and less global warming.

  • We achieve to create a pleasant indoor climate with excellent thermal and sound insulation. All doors and windows are made of insulated aluminum profiles with double glazing

  • Within all rooms an electric card system is installed and the power supply is interrupted while our guests are absent.

  • We have replaced standard bulbs with led technology and other energy lamps.

  • We have put light sensors in the basement corridors where are the public toilets and the storage facilities used by the staff.

  • We are using the latest technology television (LED) with low consumption.

  • We are using mixer taps and shower heads of the latest technology (large diameter with a water spray system that reduces the consumption of water over 50% while at the same time increases the speed and thereby reducing the washing time).

  • We do not use plastic plates, glasses.

  • There is a continuous training of the staff on energy saving incentives and for prompt resolution of leaks and other losses.

  • We are informing our guests for their option to help with the energy consumption – such as the cleaning and changing of linen and towels not to take place every day (there is a special brochure in each bathroom).

  • The disposing of waste is done to special waste containers and not in the toilets.

  • We are using biodegradable toilet paper for less waste.

  • In our rooms we have installed fan coils art colleges ECO program.

  • The cooling of all rooms is done via a central cooling pump (Heat Pump) which significantly contributes to energy saving. In addition the hot water supply is done with an independent heat pump.

  • All public areas and guestrooms are painted with certified hypoallergenic and eco-friendly colors.

  • We are doing regular maintenance of the air conditioners and boilers.

  • The Caravan distinguishes the various types of waste and uses different waste bins, thus participating in the recycling program of all the materials used such as plastics, paper, glass

  • We recycle used batteries, light bulbs and appliances.

  • We are using detergents that do not contain phosphates, are hypoallergenic and have all the necessary certifications.

  • No smoking is allowed in all the indoor areas of the Caravan Bed and Breakfast.

  • Most of the products used in the breakfast is from local producers.

  • A proper and minimal use of chemicals is applied.

  • There are bicycles for rental.

  • Lights are switched off automatically when leaving the room.

  • There is information on biodiversity and activities to protect the environment around our tourist accommodation. We also organize tours to neighboring destinations of ecological interest.

  • Our guests are encouraged not to use the car and instead use eco-friendly travel methods.

  • In all electronic communication we encourage our guests not to print our conversations if this is not necessary.

  • Application and reconstruction of old furniture and old appliances throughout our hotel from the lobby up to our rooms.

  • Central heating and cooling system with autonomy per room aimed at less energy consumption.

  • Optimization of food supplies in order to minimize food waste.