The Greekguide suggest The Caravan Bed & Breakfast

The Caravan is a building that travels you back in time. Located in one of the most historic downtown neighbourhoods, it seems to converse with the past and go a constant journey in time, combining retro aesthetics with modern elements. Some of the characteristics were preserved according to the standards of the old building, such as the handrail on the stairs with the new glass elevator and the industrial building support being combined harmoniously. The owners, Alexandros Karapatoglou, Giorgios Kourtidis and Charalambos Papadopoulos, with the full assistance of the architects Eleni Svyriadi and Avraam Dougias and the engineer Vangelis Spathakis followed the path that their building mapped out. Their concern was to create a landmark, an accommodation hub in the city centre, a vibrant story, a station for visitors and a meeting point for the city residents. This is what makes The Caravan unique; the successful unpredictable mix with person-centred accommodation. The dining area and the 13 rooms move in similar mentality, where the pastel colours dominate, with the décor combining traditional elements of the old building with modern slightly industrial items, balancing the old and the new. A team of young and creative entrepreneurs, decorators and artists were invited to complete in every detail, the interior decoration. Entering the glass elevator, you feel that you travel in a world of graphic design and colour, a journey that does not end there though, as “The Caravan” is itself an infinite travel in time. Source: