Living in a Caravan in Thessaloniki


The most wonderful things in life are not things, actually. It’s about moments. It’s about people. It’s about being faithful to your desires, stubborn for your beliefs. That is when you can turn nothing into something, yours truly and with love without plenty of chit chatting around. We ‘d need to define people, firsthand.

Every time I come across people whose persistence has turned an empty cage into a vibrant space of its own temperament, makes my heart beat faster and that’s when i believe in miracles, good people, plants, music and plans.

I travelled to Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, in the north of the country, a queen, waving “hello&goodbye” from distance, standing by the sea.

Look there, you can see the Old Port with the Museum of photography and the wonderful docks. Pink.

Oh! those docks, that fill with hopes around sunset o clock. But, let me explain myself.

I came here to work, so i had to stay somewhere down town. Had to spot a convenient place to rest my cases and easily kick off my few days. Caravan B&B, is SOMEthing, man!

Thessaloniki is a crossroad, as they usually call those geographical spots that stand in the middle of two opposite roads, creating a cross. No, we are not currently talking about hard decisions in life, but an actual crossroad, literally.

Anyhow, the Caravan, is located at the heart of the historic city, one minute away from the bustling city centre and the vibrant nightlife of Thessaloniki. The sea is 3 minutes away, so is the main road. It’s all at the tip of your tiptoe. Trust me!

Hidden well behind the Alcazar, Caravan Bed and Breakfast, revives the story of the, once upon a time, nearby Caravan Saray [what once used to be a guesthouse, later turned into commercial district, now goes back to factory settings shedding light to an enormous cultural legacy].


Caravan: a wheeled vehicle for living or travelling in, especially for holidays, that contains beds and cooking equipment and can be pulled by a car.

Caravan: a painted wooden vehicle that is pulled by a horse and in which peoplelive.

Let me put it in a nutshell.

You feel like home in a caravan. You have to be in love with the whole world. You have to travel!

You do know that you have come either by far or not that far, anyway. You care for a warm, yet discreet welcome and you love details that reveal a strong personality. You want to feel comfortable and inspired. You do feel comfortable and inspired in Caravan Bed and Breakfast. After all, places are made of people and those three guys that turned a former bank into an honest guesthouse, are really three, of a kind.

The living room is an eye candy, a synthesis of unique furniture carrying a strong vintage character. Globes here and there, posters and suitcases, photographic equipment and passion all around the reception, to remind you that all those who wander are not lost and that  Yes! you have found your place for now. The breakfast room serves coffee and tea throughout the day, as well as as a meeting point for the contemporary digital nomads of the city.


The room encloses and offers all that you need. Clean, beautiful, practical, all unlock with a single key and voila! your very own bedroom for the night.

I would like to skip any cheesy description of design and exquisite taste! By default, nice people have their own sense of aesthetics which can be seen applied, in every single thing they touch with hands, heart or mind.

Take a look, images speak louder than words, don’t they? Or words and images make even? Or words could actually beat images and vice versa? Can’t tell. Yet. Silence is sexy*

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