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The Caravan’s philosophy has as its central idea the character of an open community that is ready to help in every way the city’s events and  to accommodate any type of special event. The premises are ready to welcome volunteer meetings, workshops, exhibitions of any kind, press conferences and any other happening that searches for shelter in our beloved city. The Caravan provides a modern, warm and alternative smokeless common area that is able to accommodate up to 30 people.

The place has its own modern yet traditional style, completely cut off from the rest of our facilities, with flexible configuration for every need. There is also a projector with ideal conditions for viewing audiovisual material and the ability to store equipment in the basement. The area is available daily between 12:00 and 21:30 and directly connected to a small patio garden – smoking area, with capacity for 8 people for short and long breaks

All these of course, may be accompanied by coffee breaks tailored to your needs; specially designed for you or directly from the list of Caravan Traveler’s café. Ask to see our proposals for a buffet based on the number of people and adapted to your own preferences. Opposite to our premises, the private parking of Caravan Sarai offers special rates for all the guests during such events (on request).

Are you ready to organise a unique event with our travelling team of Caravan?