Team Building

The Caravan

The Caravan Bed and breakfast is the ideal place to host your small and flexible group’s operational activity, embracing the concept of the ”team” and the importance of ”teamwork’ in achieving your company’s goals. Besides, what a better inspiration than being in the heart of the center of Thessaloniki into a youthful place and feeling like home? So do you want to design together your own Caravan Challenge; Are you ready to live a unique experience in our city?

What is really The Caravan Challenge;

The Caravan Challenge is a programme adjusted to your needs with a view to strengthening teamwork. It could comprise of interesting alternative workshops, closed guided city tours, stimulating escape rooms, Paintball games, Billiard, Table tennis, table games, tasting events while creating your own cocktail… a whole mixture of creating activities in different parts across the city.

For more information contact us at [email protected] to create your own unique “The Caravan Challenge”

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