Team of The Caravan

About us

George Kourtidis – Co founder

Born and raised in Thessaloniki, now at the age of 36 years, he has never moved out of his city. He grew up eastern, lives and works downtown but also western, as apart from the Caravan he is occupied with the family business in Lachanagora as well. He studied business management at Macedonian University and has a bachelor in IT management systems. He speaks English with an Indian accent and is involved with social media since 2005. For about 12 years, he remains an active member of various volunteer groups of the city, trying to create a protective shield to guard him from its misery. He may have never left the city, but foreign sceneries are also present in this daedalous mind of his, since he can never pass up on a chance to travel. For the past year he only traveled through his guests’ narrations, with nothing but his pillow.

Harry Papadopoulos – Co founder

From a young age he enjoyed socializing with foreigners. Starting from school when he had pen friends from abroad he continued by doing his first interrail in Europe. While studying he spent some summers abroad volunteering somewhere between Italy and South America. Needless to mention that he loves traveling with his backpack while doing his favorite hobby of constantly asking open ended questions, usually unrelated to the circumstances.

Apart from having studied finance in Greece and in UK, he has spent some time as an Erasmus student in Spain. The last years is somewhere abroad but his spirit is travelling back and forth to Thessaloniki by reading the Caravan’s guest reviews.

He speaks a few foreign languages (English, Italian, Spanish and some German) but failed miserably to learn Japanese… he may try to learn Chinese in the future as his favorite phrase comes from the Chinese Lao Tzu “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving”.

George Papaoikonomou – Barista

Friends and acquaintances call him “Kolatza”… probably the origin of that name comes from his special technique in cleaning the glasses in the bar that in Greek is called “lantza”. Yet, this is only just a very small part of his full potential.

Besides, he is a graduate in Physical Education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with specialization in tossing all sort of things! Feel free to ask him about his role in The Caravan.

In the mornings he is a coach in athletics specialized in people with disabilities and in the evenings is occupied by serving flying drinks and cocktails at the guests of Caravan.  

He is an avid teller of jokes even though they don’t seem to be always appreciated… Apart from the above he is the man for all sorts of small but important construction works in The Caravan, providing a solution when everything seems impossible..

Dimitris Pappas – Front Office

He is the Swiss Army knife of The Caravan – full of skillsets but will special focus on the reception. Apart from his studies in hospitality and sound engineering, he is also a bass player with mountaineering skills and a nature lover – mainly of beaches as the summer is his favorite season.

When he is not playing the electric bass at home disturbing his neighbors, he loves walking around in the city center with his pets.

He spent two years in Mykonos trying to figure out how to combine hospitality studies with music but he did not find the right place and he finally followed the path to the musical van of The Caravan.

You will listen for sure to his music mixes from the special DJ position at the reception, always ready to answer your questions with a huge smile.

Efi Moraiti – Front Office

Although she looks older, she is actually the youngest passenger of The Caravan, trying to survive and thrive among the men. She has studied hospitality in the speed of light. Her career started from a survey agency, continued to a transport company and she finally landed in the field that she was born for – hospitality.

At a very young age and for 4 years she found herself working in the reception post of the Ekies hotel in Sithonia Halkidki, next to the seafront of Vourvourou.

But the love for Thessaloniki led her to take her blue Polo car and get off in the city center, asserting her right to a seat in The Caravan’s van.

You will find her at the reception with her distinct radio voice that follows the Cuban rhythm as she is a Latin from Athens. She speaks English, German and all the world’s languages through her fantastic friend – the google translator. Her moto is simple -“Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaalimera Caravan Bed and Breakfast how can I help you ….”