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The Caravan

A journey with plans, late nights and frustrations but also collaborations in order for The Caravan to find his way. Alexandros, Harry and George are The Caravan’s guides. With co-drivers Helen, Minos and Vangelis. We travelled alltogether until the completion of the project. And so we have activated the machines and with the fellow passengers Effie, George, Dimitri, Sabrina and Maria are going forward and experiencing every moment of this lively journey that Caravan is offering us.

“In a spacious van, a few years ago, five, six, ten, people Athens-Lisbon”. So the idea was conceived. In the highway of Valencia to Seville in Southern Spain. It was there where The Caravan was born.

The simple is concept. Hospitality is the people. It’s the pictures and things you can not imagine yourself. It’s the people.

The caravan is a trip over time. A mix of contemporary and old elements. Furniture from George’s friends, Harry’s grandmother,Alexander’s aunt, were repaired and placed in the space.

Everything has its own history. But the people is the most important element. The Caravan is a travellers inn, a modern bed and breakfast in the heart of the city centre. A Caravan with a hat that wants to be open to the residents of the city and is trying toblend travellers with locals, visitors with neighbours, friends with strangers.

The Caravan has come to add passengers in his journey, his images, his aura. And it is ready to be shaped by all of you, its guests.

Because things are always continuing from where they stopped. From an old Seragio

PS. The renovated neoclassical building located in1 Rempelou street was built in 1929 and originally it was used as a small “seragio”. The seragios was inns that hosted travelers. It was subsequently used as a residence for is owners. In 1998 with the decision of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace the building was designated as a listed property. Later in 2001 it was leased and restored by the National Bank

Our Team


How to get here

We will undertake your transfer to the Caravan from anywhere in the area of Thessaloniki (i.e. airport, bus and train terminal,etc). You just have to inform us 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival.

• By bus (#78/#78N*) arrival at the bus stop ”Aristotelous” (cost €2 one way while travelling lasts 35′ and then walk 570 meters for 10 minutes. (Total time 45′).
• With #78N go down in “Antigonidon” stop (12:00-05.30)
• By taxi it costs approximately €20-€25 with travelling time 20′).

• By bus (#8, #12, #31, #45/A/B, #78, #78N) arrival at the bus stop ”Aristotelous” (cost €1.10, travelling time 20′-25′).
• By taxi it costs approximately €10, travelling time 10′-15′.

• By bus (#10, #11 or #14, #2/A, #17) – arrive at the bus stop ”Antigonidon”(cost €1.10, travilling time 7′).
• By taxi (costs approximately €7).

• By bus with the Public road transport KTEL Chalkidikis & Mediterranean Cosmos: #45A/B – arrival bus stop ”Alcazar” (cost €1.10, travelling time 30′)
• By taxi (costs approximately €10, travelling time 10′-15′).

• Distance on foot: 10′
• By taxi (costs approximately €5)

Our Location

The Caravan is located in the heart of the history of Thessaloniki, at an ideal location. Only 2 minutes walk from the nightlife of Thessaloniki, 2 minutes from Aristotelous square and 5 minutes from the seafront and the Port of Thessaloniki. Whether you visit Thessaloniki for business or for vacation, all the main attractions and the city’s places of interest (together with the shopping area) are within only a very few minutes walking distance. One of the main streets of Thessaloniki, Egnatia street, can be seen across the square, without this affecting its quiet corner location. Parking services are provided opposite the Caravan upon request.